Little Miss Sunshine (2006)


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Little Miss Sunshine

Little Miss Sunshine

With a cast this great, you know I was expecting a lot. Truth is, this movie was all about the cast, I can’t imagine it working with any other group of actors.

Little Miss Sunshine is one of those rare movies that brilliantly mixes laughter and heartache to engross you in every obstacle the characters face on this arduous journey down the road and through life.

We laughed so hard through this movie, our cheeks hurt by the end. I fell in love with this family and cringed at each of their misadventures.

It loses points on the Word of Mouth Scale only because of the overabundance of foul language, and some unnecessary (though very funny) sexual conversations.

Rotten Tomatoes: Critics 91%; Audience 91%

Response to Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

  1. Woods

    My expectations were low for this film but it ended up being one of my favorites in 2006. The direction, writing and cast separate this movie from its MANY “dysfunctional family” competitors. Though it uses every cliche:

    * Outspoken but, in the end, wise and warm grandparent
    * Father driven too strongly in one direction finds bliss with his family at the closing credits
    * 1 x child wise and strong beyond her years
    * 1 x child submerged in angst and doubt about his future
    * Mother looking on unable to control the chaos

    the WAY this movie delivers its message (particularly the fresh ending) is what makes it special. Creativity and warmth in the face of adverstity win with me in the movies every time.

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