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MoZella: I Will (2006)


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I Will

Love this album; she is sassy, the lyrics are punchy…or sweet…or both. You can definitely hear the Detroit in her voice, listen on MySpace.

Track listings as follows:

You Wanted Itmy video
Love Is Something
Killing Time – a little rap, a little back beat, a lot of melody and a splash of sass
I Will – sexy and romantic
Amnesia – this is the song that first caught my attention, and ultimately the reason I bought the album. My video & the official video
Can’t Stop – sultry
Messiahmy video
Last $20 – sounds like it comes from experience
Going Home – close to home
What To Say – yeah, also close to home
Light Years Away – she’s getting over it and moving on

I don’t think this is a style that will go over with most of my circle; too spunky for some, too melodic and lyric driven for others. It is part of my permanent rotation on the MP3 player because I love it, but only gets 3 1/2 because I don’t have enough friends to recommend it to (but I made sure those that might be interested gave her a listen).

Amazon: 4.5 stars

Mindy Smith: Long Island Shores


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Mindy Smith

Mindy Smith – Long Island Shores

This album is fantastic! Of course, I wouldn’t have expected anything else. Mindy Smith has the sweet voice of an angel, and her lyrics are clever…and different.

Please Stay, a haunting ballad (most of them are, I guess), is just about my favorite on this album.

The Edge of Love, though, could also get that position.

“The edge of love here I stand
Feels like sky where there should be land
I wanna fly, wanna take your hand”

Peace of Mind – great.

Out of Control, Out Loud, Tennessee – all great.

Little Devil

…thought he’d have two big horns
and look at me with big red eyes
Instead he wore those baby blues
and whispered promises and lies

The only reason the album loses the half of a star is the spiritual angle of many of the songs. That works for most, but not all, of my circle.

Johnny Cash – American V: A Hundred Highways

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It was only a few weeks ago that I heard that Johnny Cash had a new album coming out. While listening to KEXP, DJ Kevin Cole described that soon after June Carter Cash died, Johnny hit the studio to record what would become his final album.

KEXP has been playing the album through out the last couple of weeks, but myspace has set up a page for Johnny which streams the entire album.

You notice is the pain in voice right away with the first song “Help Me.” I felt a small tear come to my eye. I knew he was hurting. The next song, though, is a message to everyone living in sin, but “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” is the best song on the album. Its hard-hitting and heavy. Cash is a messenger for God and this song proves it.

After listening to this entire album, I’ve decided that if it doesn’t win album of the year in every awards ceremony, I’ve given up on the music industry.

It should be noted that “On the 309” was the last song he both wrote and recorded. He knows the end is coming soon. Get on that train.

Johnny Cash