The Matador (2005)

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The Matador

The Matador

A globetrotting hitman and a crestfallen businessman meet in a hotel bar in Mexico City in an encounter that draws them together in a way neither expected.

We thoroughly enjoyed this movie which casts Pierce Brosnan as the anti-Bond. Unsophisticated, completely lacking charm, on the questionable side of the law (he’s a hit man). Throw in Greg Kinnear as a slightly twerpy salesman grieving his dead son and you have a recipe for fun. No, seriously.

The Matador has some graphic bits that will keep me from recommending it to a couple of people. Most of my friends, though, should see it. Rent the DVD, make some Margaritas and settle in for some good fun.

Rotten Tomatoes: Critics 76%; Audience 58%

Response to The Matador (2005)

  1. Woods

    BTW – I loved THE MATADOR, too, though I am surprised that you rated it so high on the WOMS given it’s unsuitability for MOST family members – It really ain’t one for the kids.

    I am entering this here because I do not see a comments section at THE MATADOR listing.

  2. Vox Post author

    I turn off comments on the older entries to try to limit the comment spam I get.

    The Matador scored high because of the high number of friends I would recommend it to, even though most of my family would be left out. I think I recommended it to my step-dad, but that’s it. Most of these movies that I could recommend to some friends, I wouldn’t to others.

    And, as you can probably see, I didn’t think too hard about the review – or have much to say. Just went with the moment – lol

  3. Woods

    If you are not easily offended, THE MATADOR IS a damn funny film. I have a new respect for Pierce Brosnan.