The 40 Year Old Virgin

SG took me to see The 40 Year Old Virgin last night two nights ago (Friday). I figured it would be good, I always enjoy Steve Carrell and I heard this was a real gut-buster.

I also heard it was raunchy; worse than There’s Something About Mary, worse than The Wedding Crashers.

And it was.


Yet, through the whole movie and all the gross/crass humor, you could see the sweetness. It wasn’t so much a guy trying to get laid (OK, there were some other guys trying to get him laid) as a guy trying to find love. Yep – the L word…it must be a chick flick. That, and the fact that they burst spontaneously into a musical production number……

So, since it is so crass and I can’t recommend it to my mom…or my sister…or, really, anyone in my family….and I know it isn’t Lori’s cup of tea….the Word of Mouth Scale suffers, even though I was LMAO.

BTW: I expect the tag line “You know how I know you’re gay?” to catch on, everyone I have talked to who saw the movie is using it. I have also heard “Kelly Clarkson!” as an expletive.

UPDATE: The movie cost $26 million to make and has brought in $37 million in the first week. I’m not surprised and I expect it to stay up there, I imagine many people are telling their friends, who are telling their friends…it is one of those movies.