Johnny Cash – American V: A Hundred Highways

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It was only a few weeks ago that I heard that Johnny Cash had a new album coming out. While listening to KEXP, DJ Kevin Cole described that soon after June Carter Cash died, Johnny hit the studio to record what would become his final album.

KEXP has been playing the album through out the last couple of weeks, but myspace has set up a page for Johnny which streams the entire album.

You notice is the pain in voice right away with the first song “Help Me.” I felt a small tear come to my eye. I knew he was hurting. The next song, though, is a message to everyone living in sin, but “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” is the best song on the album. Its hard-hitting and heavy. Cash is a messenger for God and this song proves it.

After listening to this entire album, I’ve decided that if it doesn’t win album of the year in every awards ceremony, I’ve given up on the music industry.

It should be noted that “On the 309” was the last song he both wrote and recorded. He knows the end is coming soon. Get on that train.

Johnny Cash

Stay (2005)

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For this one I am going to give you word for word the review I found on Amazon:

“Striking images abound in the twisty, surreal thriller Stay: Walruses rubbing up against the glass in an aquarium; a corridor painted neon green; entire crowds composed of twins and triplets; a piano being lifted several stories in the air. The plot is impossible to encapsulate: A psychiatrist named Sam (Ewan McGregor, Trainspotting) takes on a colleague’s patient, Henry (Ryan Gosling, The Notebook), who announces his intention to kill himself. As Sam pursues Henry, hoping to save him, the world around them begins to fracture and distort–until the movie’s conclusion, which may induce viewers to argue loudly about whether or not it makes sense. But Stay’s weakness isn’t whether it coheres, but its terrible dialogue. David Lynch movies (a clear influence) work in part because the dialogue is usually simple, even banal, and doesn’t compete with the rich chaos of the visual images and narrative turns. Stay’s dialogue, full of portents, interferes with an intriguingly corrupt (in the sense that digital information corrupts) storyline and eerily dislocated visuals; try watching it with the sound off. Also featuring Naomi Watts (Mulholland Drive), with brief appearances by Janeane Garofalo (The Minus Man), Bob Hoskins (Mona Lisa), and other familiar faces.” —Bret Fetzer

Yep, that about sums it up ~ the movie was disjointed, the dialogue was dismal.

The twist ending was asburd. The plot may have been salvagable, with a different ending. The twist ending does present an interesting idea, however. Had it been explored by a more competent storyteller we may have been presented an intriguing film. This one just left me shaking my head at the time I wasted watching it.

But I give it 1 out of 5 anyway, because I have a couple of friends who like that sort of thing.

Rotten Tomatoes: Critics 26%; Audience 66%

silversun pickups

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If you haven’t heard of the Silversun Pickups, just wait another month because you will.

This band out of Los Angeles brings it hard and heavy. I first heard “Kissing Families” on the second KEXP Music That Matters podcast. My mind exploded. I wanted to drive out to LA that night and watch them play.

On 25 July, Silversun Pickups will release their new full-length album “Carnavas.” For now, you need to check out “Pikul;” it’ll change your life.

Pikul | iTunes

cat power on letterman

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so, i thought i would start a little feature on the ol’ word of mouth scale that features some musicians and artists that i really enjoy and think you should probably listen to and spend some dough buying.

today we’ll have a look at cat power. she was on letterman on 13 june 2006. enjoy:

The Greatest | iTunes
You Are Free | iTunes |


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What is about a Pixar animation that just puts it head and shoulders above the rest?

The previews leading up to the new hit Cars explained it all. Having Cars collowing previews for films like Barnyard and Open Season probably did more damage than good for those films; especially considering that last two things to play were Pixar and Brad Bird’s (Iron Giant) Ratatouille and a Pixar short film, One-Man Band.. These two, let’s call them animated shorts, showed off the power that Pixar has to offer.

With that said, Cars was visually stunning, but the story, well, it had a little lacking.

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X-Men: The Last Stand

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There’s a special place in my heart for comic book movies. With the right director, they can take an otherwise outrageous comic and turn it into something that makes you think, “Yeah, I can buy into that.” Sam Raimi’s doing it with the Spiderman movies, and Bryan Singer did it with the first two X-Men. Fear set in when Singer stepped aside to put new life into the Superman franchise, and Brett Ratner (Rush Hour 1 & 2, The Family Man) took over the helm. Visions of Joel Schumacher ruining Tim Burton’s Batman movies started dancing in my head.

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