Live Free or Die Hard

Live Free or Die Hard

In a movie season filled with CGI fantasy, LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD gets real; with real action, real humor, and the reprise of a beloved and iconic character: John McClane.

If you don’t like action movies, skip this one. If you are an action junkie, this one is for you.

If you liked the original Die Hard, even if you were disappointed by the sequels, you should be quite happy with this one. They’ve brought back the humor of the original, and given us more of the action. Bruce Willis‘ John McClane may have a little less hair, but he is still a serious bad@$$.

The casting was done really well in this film.
Justin Long rings true (and humorous) as his computer hacker charge/side-kick.
Timothy Olyphant is a great bad guy.
Mary Elizabeth Winstead was a great choice as daughter Lucy. She is believable as the offspring of Bonnie Bedelia/ Holly Gennero, and she carries off the attitude of McClane.
And, of course, I always enjoy a Kevin Smith siting.

I would probably give this another star if I had more friends who like action flicks. Mom doesn’t really get into a high body count. 😉

(I noticed in this flick that they made very sure to let us know that the only good guy who engages McClane in a clash, lives to fight another day.)

Rotten Tomatoes as of this writing: Critics 77%; Users 95%